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How can I list my event?

To get started, please register as an Organiser and select the plan that best meets your needs.

What details are important to have on my event page?

The description on your event page will increase your chances of appealing to a wide audience.  Therefore, information should be informative and comprehensive and should include high-quality images.  Do write about yourself on the “Organiser Profile” page so that attendees will get to know you better!

Can you help me write my event description?

Yes!  We have an experienced team who can help you create and present the best experience.  This service is available as a bespoke service.  Please contact us to best discuss your needs.

When my experience immediately show on the Congeniality site?

We review all events before approving them for the site to ensure that the content and quality of each experience meets Content Standards and are appropriate for the intended audience. 
Your event listing will be reviewed as soon as you submit it and events are generally published within 24 hours.  We may contact you by email or phone to confirm certain details or to suggest changes if necessary.  When the event is approved it will be shown on the Congeniality website.

Can I use Congeniality for free events?

Yes!  You can list as any free events as you’d like.  In order to use the site to list your event, you must have an organiser account in good standing.  Please note that all events are subject to our Terms of Service and Content Standards.

How can I change my experience details, manage availability or add new dates?

To change or edit the details of your experience (time, pictures, description, price, number of tickets, additional dates), log into your Organiser Dashboard and click Event listing inside the Products tab.

How will I know who is coming to my experience?

The system will send you an email for each reservation including the name of the participant and a link to a page with the order details. You can also see a full list of participants on your Organiser Dashboard.

How can I contact participants and how can they contact me if necessary?

Upon completing the registration process, you will have access to the participants’ email and contact details.  In addition, participants can contact you via the Contact Form on your Organiser Page to ask questions and make arrangements if necessary.   
If necessary, you can also contact the Congeniality team and we can help you connect to participants.